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What is temporary mail?

Despite the large amount of information on this topic, I still get questions from people who were expecting another functionality from This article is mainly intended for new users who haven’t used such services in the past.

Temporary mail, that is (as well as telegrams bot @tmpmailbot) is designed to receive incoming email messages in a short period of time (usually it takes up to 10 minutes). However, this service doesn’t let you send outgoing messages.

Here is a typical situation when you might need a temporary mail: you’ve been looking for something on the web for a long and you finally found it (it can be a product in an online store, a forum on a topic that interests you or any other web service you need to use), but before to get what you want, you need to register and verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your email box. That’s where temporary mail comes to help, because it lets you confirm your account.

Why use temporary mail?

There are several reasons. You do not want to receive advertising messages to the main mail, because it prevents the timely receipt of really important information. The number of sites on which active internet users are registered is constantly growing. You will be pretty lucky if you only get a few advertising messages, and even then you have to find a way to unsubscribe from it, which will cost you some time. Spam filter doesn’t always help, and as a result you have hundreds and thousands of unread messages in your inbox. Temporary mail allows you to protect yourself and your e-mail from most of the unwanted messages. Another common reason for using temporary email is that you don’t want the internet to track down all of the information about you. In other words, you want to remain anonymous, because hackers can steal your personal information. The data of the users of the websites may be disclosed to third parties either by accident or on purpose. Using the primary email address on various internet resources increases the risk of being targeted by fraudsters, while using various temporary email addresses leaves almost no chances for the hackers to track you down.

How does temporary mail work?

To register on the website, you receive a new temporary email address, that is active for about 10 minutes. In most cases, this is enough to receive an incoming email with a link or a secret code to confirm your account. If the issued mailbox is no longer needed, it is deactivated by itself after some time. This means that incoming messages are no longer accepted and no one else can use it.

You can create temporary mailboxes, extend them and receive incoming messages both on the website and when using @tmpmailbot bot. Telegram bot gives you the ability to restore previously created email addresses. The messenger allows you to read incoming email immediately: as soon as our server receives a new message, the bot telegram sends it to you right away.